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We'll include the inventi™ recipe book containing over 100 amazing coffee creations ABSOLUTELY FREE!
inventi Does It All!
  • Iced Coffee Drinks
  • Cappuccinos & Lattes
  • Coffee Cocktails
  • Milkshakes & Smoothies
  • Marinades
  • Recipes, and So Much More!
Premium Iced Coffee from Gourmet Roasted Beans
inventi Iced Coffee is created from a blend of gourmet roasted coffee beans from around the world, brewed and packaged in our patented flavor lock Barista Bottle. inventi comes in four fabulous flavors; Original Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel and Unsweetened for those who enjoy a rich, bold cup of coffee without flavorings or sweeteners. inventi is convenient, portable and requires no refrigeration! Save Money, Save Time, Save Calories too! Try all four flavors today. Order now and we’ll also include a FREE recipe book with over 100 amazing ways to use inventi!
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Just shake and infuse with milk or water and you will enjoy a fresh cup of iced coffee, cappuccino, milkshake and much more!